our clients

WriteTalkType clients come from a vast array of industries,
businesses of many different sizes and from many different places.


We list below a few of the more common industries we
undertake work for however our experience stretches far and beyond and we encourage you
to contact us whatever your speciality is and find out how we can work magic for you.


s1 legal


  • criminal
  • health
  • employment
  • commercial
  • litigation and mediation
  • conveyancing
  • family law
  • high-level government
  • human rights
  • environmental law
  • treaty matters
  • civil and public law
  • finance and revenue


s2 government


      local and State sector
      departments and
  • business and innovation
  • health
  • family
  • criminal and justice
  • education
  • culture and environment
  • finance
  • statistics
  • information and research
  • housing and infrastructure
  • governance boards and committees
  • policy management 


s3 corporate


  • large firms
  • often regional and head offices
  • in varying industries such as dairy and farming
  • advertising and marketing
  • media
  • manufacturing
  • retail
  • insurance
  • accounting and business
  • management
  • oil and natural resources
  • logistics
  • tourism and travel


s4 health safety

Health &


  • medical and dental practices and practitioners
  • workplace auditors and consultants
  • occupational therapists
  • accident and safety investigators
  • registration and disciplinary organisations


s5 propertry


  • property and land valuers
  • fire and safety inspectors
  • insurance consultants
  • real estate agents
  • lawyers
  • estate assessors
  • building and trade suppliers


s6 research


  • private and public research companies
  • i.e. political
  • consumer
  • market and statistical research on endless different topics to assist private companies and government departments


s7 education


  • academic institutions - such as producing course materials, database management etc
  • and tertiary institutions undertaking research projects and requiring interview/focus group transcriptions
  • compiling reports, assisting with research etc 


s8 small business

Small Business

  • there are many small businesses and sole traders who we assist in many different ways, it's impossible to list them all, but if we haven't covered your profession above we are most confident you will find our skills and experience will complement whatever office/administrative tasks you need assistance with - and no matter what size your business or operation. We work directly with you and/or your staff to streamline your business operations to maximum potential.


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