how we work

If you're wondering how easy it is to outsource your office work to us, here is how we work.



Send us the work that needs to be completed.

This can be done digitally by emailing us the voice files, documents and relevant materials that need to be formatted, or you can provide us with access to your dropbox/file sharing service or FTP website where we can exchange documents.

Alternatively, documents and files can be faxed, couriered, posted or dropped off in person at our offices.
For larger files, we recommend using the services of Hightail as it offers secure and tracked file sharing for files up to 2 gigabytes each. 

Upload your documents to WriteTalkType's Hightail dropbox today by clicking here.


Your work is processed promptly by a team of professionals.

Your documents will then be typed directly into the templates that you provide or personalised templates can be set up for you by our team. 

Should you have no preference, our team can apply our experience to ensure that your documents are presented professionally to your target audience.



The finished work is sent back to you.

The most common method that work is returned is via email. However, it can also be couriered, posted or faxed to you based on your requirement. Should there be other recipients that need to be included, we can send the documents to them as well.


Sit back, smile, and enjoy the benefits of a professional service that has saved you both time and cost.

So there you go. With today's advances in office technology, outsourcing your office work to us is really convenient and can easily be the best business decision that you can make. With the ability to access our services from any location, geographical barriers can no longer restrict you from getting a professional service that saves you time
and money.

a bit more about digital dictation ...

Digital dictaphones are widely-recognised as a great tool to keep up with the pace in today's business world,
and many of our clients have switched over from cassette dictaphones and are now enjoying the many advantages digital technology offers - or indeed maximising their smartphone capabilities and dictating straight into voice dictation apps (iPhone and Android). 
Digital files can be sent straight to us as an email attachment (and even this can be automated!) - so no more waiting for tapes to arrive or putting up with poor quality recordings and you can have instant access to your own personalised offsite secretarial services wherever you are.
If you are looking to purchase a digital dictaphone, please visit or telephone 0800 659 678 (toll free within New Zealand) for further  information. 
We accept all file formats, including DSS, DS2, WAV, WMA, MP3, CDA and more.
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